Friday, June 17, 2011

First Day of the California/Oregon Trail Route

Interesting day today.  Started in Folsom (near Sacramento) which is kind of a flat area with not a lot of scenery, rode through Tahoe, which I didn't know is actually IN the mountains with forest and streams all around, then through northern Nevada which is more desolate than eastern Oregon but when I turned north on Hwy 95 from Hwy 50 to I-80, it really opened up to some beautiful scenery. 

 A Little Barren

Still barren but at least we're in the wide open desert 

 Ah, now this is more like it.  Mountains on both sides, some even with snow peaks.


The wave of, "I'm really ready to be home" hit me about mid-way through Tahoe and lasted until the wide open spaces of Nevada.  After I ate lunch in a half-casino, half-restaurant in Fallon and then hit the "open" road in Nevada, all felt much better.  Riding at 80 miles an hour through the open desert does something good to the soul.  Something real good.  I was also listening to some worship music and singing (I don't sing out loud very often).  It had become a great ride.  If you've not ridden a motorcycle on a highway without any billboards or signs and plenty of views of the surroundings, I would highly recommend it. It's unmatchable.  Hopefully, my blog and pics will help you live a bit vicariously. 

Stopped in Battle Mountain for the night, thought there was a campground but it's been replaced by a National Parks building so I am staying at the Battle Mountain Inn.  Had dinner at a nice little half-restaurant half-bar (there seem to be many of those places in small towns) next to my new buddy (see below). I noticed two young ladies pass me by (the place was family owned) with tattoos on their arms.  After asking about them, I found the girls were twins and the tattoos are of a cross and some other tokens with a reference to Travis, the husband of one of the girls, who died last year. 

 Across the street from the vanishing campground in Battle Mountain, NV

My dinner companion

And in case, for some reason I am not able to post tomorrow, I want to wish my great friend since childhood, Rusty Kimmet, a very happy birthday.  Hope it is a great day for you (my guess is you are heading out on your boat). 

Long day tomorrow, hope to make it to Casper.

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