Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Day of Sabbatical

Although this is officially a vacation day, I'm still considering it the first day of the sabbatical.  Spent most of the day in bed though due to a cold. Have begun laying everything out and preparing my final packing list.  Bike is in the shop getting oil changed and brake fluid topped off.  Return trip has been mapped out, will post a final itinerary before leaving.  Found a great app that will let me take a picture and will then geocode to where the pic was taken.  I can then enter notes and tags about the photo and as I do this a photo-travel map will be created along the route.  When I'm finished, the entire route may be viewed by going to a map and clicking on the pins.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22 - Two Weeks Until Embarking

Anxiety is progressing as the trip is now within two weeks and it seems I always have some part of it going through my head.  The only time I remember thinking this much (obsessing) about something was during high school!  I've obtained all the items on my packing list.  Went riding today with Margaret which reminded me of what an adventure I have in front of me.  Only one week left of work, hope to be able to have a good handover.  We've been reviewing my responsibilities and making plans for triaging them to the other team members as much as possible.  Hopefully all will go smoothly while I am away.  Working on final map preparations and have decided to get brakes looked at and the oil changed before I leave. 

My friend Craig gave me a great idea last night.  Most pictures from vacations and long trips are of the landscape or shots of your group.  He suggested I also take pictures of the people I meet.  Everyone from the clerks at the motels to the waiters and waitresses I'll meet.  It'll be a great way to capture and remember their stories.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New idea for a return trip

Was just reading some online ZMM info and someone had taken the return trip via the California and Oregon trails.  I've decided this would be an excellent return trip and will begin working on those changes to the trip plan.  So far, all the planning is going well.  Have just a few items to obtain and then will be ready to see if I can pack it all in.  I called the BMW cycle shop to see about getting the bike in for service before the trip.  But after learning the 23,000 mile service cost was $600 plus parts, I decided the bike was in good enough shape for the trip and I should be able to deal with any bike issues if they arise.  As the beginning of the trip nears, my anxiety level is increasing.  Maybe it's because it is Mother's Day, but one of my main concerns is boredom and loneliness - along with mechanical failure, food choice, theft, etc.  I mentioned to Margaret today that I want to approach this trip as an adventure and not just think about survival.

In addition to a great Mother's Day, my daughter Kate won her soccer league championship - way to go Kate!