Friday, June 10, 2011

A couple lingering thoughts and comments

I had a couple other items floating around in the brain today I wanted to post about.  First, Bozeman is a great town.  It's kind of like a smaller version of Springfield, MO.  It is mostly flat and the city feels a bit disjointed while all of it is anchored by a big University.  The best part is it has a 360 degree view of mountains.  Look in any direction and there is a beautiful mountain range.  And what is special about this vista is while the bottom half looks like spring/early summer with green and flowers the upper parts are still covered in snow.  In minutes, you can be to the mountains and in about an hour you can be to Yellowstone.  For outdoors people, this is a great town and I'd recommend a vacation to this area.

The other thought came to me on our second day.  Call it fatigue, but I won't let it go away.  We rode past a sign that said, "Mature Meat Market This Way."  Sorry, but I just can't help myself sometimes...  Do you have to be over 65 to go in there?  And, if I'm single and 70, what kind of folks do you think I can meet in a Mature Meat Market? 

I'll try to keep my eye out for other interesting signs along the way.

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