Sunday, May 8, 2011

New idea for a return trip

Was just reading some online ZMM info and someone had taken the return trip via the California and Oregon trails.  I've decided this would be an excellent return trip and will begin working on those changes to the trip plan.  So far, all the planning is going well.  Have just a few items to obtain and then will be ready to see if I can pack it all in.  I called the BMW cycle shop to see about getting the bike in for service before the trip.  But after learning the 23,000 mile service cost was $600 plus parts, I decided the bike was in good enough shape for the trip and I should be able to deal with any bike issues if they arise.  As the beginning of the trip nears, my anxiety level is increasing.  Maybe it's because it is Mother's Day, but one of my main concerns is boredom and loneliness - along with mechanical failure, food choice, theft, etc.  I mentioned to Margaret today that I want to approach this trip as an adventure and not just think about survival.

In addition to a great Mother's Day, my daughter Kate won her soccer league championship - way to go Kate!

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