Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22 - Two Weeks Until Embarking

Anxiety is progressing as the trip is now within two weeks and it seems I always have some part of it going through my head.  The only time I remember thinking this much (obsessing) about something was during high school!  I've obtained all the items on my packing list.  Went riding today with Margaret which reminded me of what an adventure I have in front of me.  Only one week left of work, hope to be able to have a good handover.  We've been reviewing my responsibilities and making plans for triaging them to the other team members as much as possible.  Hopefully all will go smoothly while I am away.  Working on final map preparations and have decided to get brakes looked at and the oil changed before I leave. 

My friend Craig gave me a great idea last night.  Most pictures from vacations and long trips are of the landscape or shots of your group.  He suggested I also take pictures of the people I meet.  Everyone from the clerks at the motels to the waiters and waitresses I'll meet.  It'll be a great way to capture and remember their stories.

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