Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making Progress

Now that the New Year has begun, I've been making progress on the daily trip itinerary.  I've completed a draft of the trip (see below) and have noted considered locations where I'll plan to stay the night.  I'd like to add a few more camping sites than what are currently in the plan and I need to confirm that some of the motels are still operating.  This itinerary was combined from Mark Richardson's book, the map I found on the ZMM site, and my own research into that particular location.

Something pleasantly unexpected has happened with this trip - my pop and my brother are considering traveling with me at the beginning of the trip.  Not sure if we'll be able to figure out all the logistics for getting them to actually go, but it's a treat being able to share the planning with them and anticipation of possibly spending a few days together on this adventure.  My dad has even been looking for motorcycles for me which is a huge help.  He's shown me some bikes I wasn't even considering.  However, my wife has reminded me that it probably doesn't make sense to buy one now since I won't be able to ride it until it gets warmer.  So we are putting the search on hold for now. My dad has ridden both dirt and street bikes for as long as I can remember and my brother and I grew up on dirt bikes.  Although we lived in a small house with a very small garage, I remember there was always enough room for my dad's big Honda.  Now he has a big Harley Road King. 

Another unexpected development is that my good friend Brian Hougland may also join me for a few days of the trip.  Brian and I have known each other for most of our lives, growing up together as close friends and playing soccer together includng being co-captains of our varsity team.  Having read ZMM and having a Honda which is much like Pirsig's model ( ) it'll be great to share part of the trip with him.   
Here is the draft itinerary (some of the hours vary as I tried to account for some of the terrain):
June, 2011Day 1: Kansas City to St. Paul
438 miles
8 –9 hours
Stay night in motel near St. Paul
Day 2: St. Paul to Oakes, ND
300 miles
6 hours
Stay night in E&I Motel 30 miles east of Ellendale, 1417 Main Avenue, Oakes, ND.
Day 3: Oakes, ND to Shadehill Reservoir, ND
300 miles
6 hours
Camp at Llewelyn Johns Recreation Area
Day 4: Shadehill Reservoir, ND to Miles City, Montana
200 miles
4 hours
Stay night in hotel in Miles City at Olive Hotel, Main Street
Day 5: Mile City, MT to Laurel, MT
160 miles
3 hours
Stay night at hotel in Laurel (Red Lodge/ Russell Motel E Main Street)
Day 6: Laurel, MT to Gardiner, MT
250 miles
5 hours
Stay night in Gardiner, MT (Yellowstone) at Hillcrest Cottages, 200 Scott Street
Day 7: Gardiner, MT to Bozeman, MT
80 miles
2 hours
Visit: 1960’s Pirsig home, Montana Hall,
DeWeeses, hike
Stay night in Bozeman at Baxter Hotel (Imperial Inn) 105 West Main Street
(consider two-nights here)
Day 8: Bozeman, MT to Missoula, MT (Logging Road near Hwy 12 through Butte, Missoula, Lolo Pass, Hall
250 miles
4 hours
Stay night in Missoula (Pirsig camped out about 30 miles away)

Day 9: Missoula, MT to Logging Road near Hwy 12 to Cambridge, ID/
Brownlee Campground, Idaho/ near Payette National Forest
300 miles
6 hours

Camp in Brownlee Campground --
Brian may join me hereNOTE: Several Campgrounds in this area
Day 10: Cambridge, ID/Brownlee Campground to Near La Pine, Oregon
360 miles
8 hours
Sleep out in dusty subdivision (???) or somewhere in/near La Pine – See where Mark stayed
Day 11: Near La Pine, OR to Grants Pass, OR
200 miles
4 hours
Stay night in Grant’s Pass motel XX
Day 12: Grants Pass, OR to Redcrest, CA
250 miles
5 ½ hours
Stay night at Redcrest Resort, 26459 Avenue of the Giants
Day 13: Redcrest, CA to San Francisco
Visit: Zen Center on 300 Page Street
300 miles
5 hours
Stay night in Sacramento
Celebration dinner at Bibas!
Day 14: Sacramento to Battle Mountain, NV (or fly home if cycle is sold)
400 miles
7 hours
Stay night in Battle Mountain
Day 15: Battle Mountain, NV to Rock Springs, WY
500 miles
9 hours
Stay night in Rock Springs motel

Day 16: Rock Springs, WY to Julesburg, CO
400 miles
7 hours
Stay night in Julesburg, CO motel
Day 17: Julesburg, CO to Kansas City (at Lincoln, take HWY 2 or Hwy 34 to 29 South)
550 miles
9 hours

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